Marina ~ Frankfurt
I must say that we are thrilled! The invitations look fabulous!!!! We are so excited and can't wait to mail them to our friends and family!!!!

Amy ~ Connecticut
We have gotten so many compliments on our RSVPs - so many of the respondents have actually written "these invitations are _", insert "stunning", "gorgeous", "amazing", "best I've seen"... it's incredible! You really have gotten our guests excited based on the invitation alone - THANK YOU!

Peter & Beatrice ~ London
WOW!! The invitations arrived today and the quality totally blew me away. I've never seen anything like them. So fabulous! I can't wait to get these out in the mail. Thanks so much for making this part of our wedding so very special!




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Dianne ~ Vancouver
Ok, so I have to tell you that my fiancé has had several invitees from his work tracking him down at all hours of the day to rave about the invitations! And almost everyday I get several messages on my answering machine from people going on and on how they are the most beautiful invitations they have ever seen. Everyone is so excited to come to our wedding!

Helena ~ New York City
I can't tell you how IN LOVE I am with my wedding invitations! Everyone is going crazy about them, and I've had several calls from people telling me that they are coming, but not sending back the rsvp because they want to keep everything together! Thanks soooo much for the beautiful work!

Patricia ~ San Francisco
It was a joy to working with you on my wedding invitations! You matched my colors perfectly. Assembly was a breeze and I actually enjoyed the assembly process. It made each invitation very personal. I received so many comments on the uniqueness and beauty of the invitations. I even had a few friends who didn't want to open the invitation because the cover with the ribbon bow was so pretty!